Reading Selected Text in Svelte

- 2 minutes read

Svelte lets us conveniently read text selected by users.

We can also update a variable each time the selection changes.

Here’s an example, where selection stores the current text selection:

    import { onMount } from 'svelte';

    let selection = ``;

    onMount(() => {
        // Once the component is mounted, we can access the document:
        document.addEventListener(`selectionchange`, () => {
            selection = document.getSelection();

<p>This is an example sentence.</p>

<p>Selected text: "{selection}"</p>

The selection variable will be automatically updated with the most recent text selection each time the user changes their selection.

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There’s several ways of doing this, but many of the solutions I’ve seen online are outdated. And I couldn’t find any examples specifically for Svelte.

Anyway, I hope you find this snippet useful for working with text selections in your Svelte app!