Here’s some of the projects I’m actively working on. I’ll try to update this whenever something changes.

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Blockchain products, development, and consulting with a focus on the Ethereum ecosystem.

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A modular accessibility toolbar and audit system that helps website owners and developers achieve WCAG 2.1 AA compliance.

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A very experimental drag-and-drop tool for building static, IPFS-ready websites.

You can connect an Ethereum wallet and publish your creations to blockchain domains you own.

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An unreleased protocol for privately storing, sending, and receiving ETH on Arbitrum (a Layer 2). I co-founded this with a pseudonymous developer.

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An unreleased protocol for yield aggregation and optimized farming, which is also on Arbitrum, and I co-founded this with the same pseudonymous developer.

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I also work on other stuff, mostly cryptocurrency-related.