Reactive Blocks in Svelte

- 1 minute read

Svelte offers reactive statements, which are used to reactively run a given statement each time a variable changes.

But Svelte also offers a key block, which is used to reactively reload markup each time a variable changes.

For example, in the below snippet, each time the count variable changes, a new paragraph is rendered:

    let count = 0;

{#key count}
    <p>This entire paragraph will reload each time <code>count</code> changes!</p>

<button on:click={count++}>Click me!</button>

This can be paritcularly useful when regularly fetching data from a particular endpoint throughout the lifecycle of the page.

And it also works with components, too. In the below snippet, each time the exampleValue variable changes, a new ExampleComponent is instantiated:

{#key exampleValue}
	  <ExampleComponent />

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Anyway, hopefully you found this useful! Personally, I don’t find myself using the key block too much, but there are times when it sure does come in handy.