Get Current URL in Svelte

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The method for grabbing the current URL in Svelte depends on whether you’re using Svelte or SvelteKit.

I’ll start with the SvelteKit example:

    import { page } from '$app/stores';

<p>Current URL: {$page.path}</p>

Suppose the current URL is, in the above example.

In that case, $page.path will return /page/.

If you want the full URL, you can prepend window.location.origin (once the component has mounted).

Anyway, here is the non-SvelteKit (vanilla Svelte) example:

    import { onMount } from 'svelte';

    let url = ``;

    onMount(() => url = window.location.href);

<p>Current URL: {url}</p>

In the above example, the URL is not reactive, but it will return the complete URL rather than just the current page.

So if the current URL is, url will return, because it is simply grabbing window.location.href, a vanilla JavaScript string.

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Anyway, I hope you found this useful! Happy URL-grabbing.