Removing Whitespace From Strings in JavaScript

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With a bit of help from JavaScript’s built-in RegEx features, this one-liner will remove all the whitespace from a given string:

const string = `This is an example string.`;

string.replace(/\s/g, ``);

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If you just want to remove the space character and not all whitespace, this snippet will do the trick:

const string = `This is an example string.`;

string.replace(/ /g, ``);

Keep in mind, it won’t remove consecutive spaces or tabs.

For example, "Example string" will become "Examplestring".

However, "Example string" (with two spaces) will become "Example string" (with one space).

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If you just want to remove the trailing whitespace at the beginning and end of a string (if any), the trim() function is what you’re looking for:

const string = ` Test `;

const trimmedString = string.trim();

In this example, " Test " will become "Test".

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There’s even more ways you can go about doing this, but I personally prefer the RegEx-based solutions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helped you!