Remove Every Other Array Element in JavaScript

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Consider the following array:

let array = [`good`, `bad`, `good`, `bad`];

Let’s imagine we wanted to remove every other element from this array. Here’s a snippet that will do just that, thanks to splicing:

let i = array.length;

while (i--) (i + 1) % 2 === 0 && (array.splice(i, 1));

After the above snippet has executed, array will equal ["good", "good"], as expected.

If you needed to, you could alternatively start counting earlier and begin by removing the first element:

let i = array.length;

while (i--) i % 2 === 0 && (array.splice(i, 1));

Once the above snippet has executed, array will equal ["bad", "bad"].

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We can also apply this strategy in a similar way to remove every nth element from an array:

let i = array.length;
let n = 5; // The "nth" element to remove

while (i--) (i + 1) % n === 0 && (array.splice(i, 1));

The above snippet will remove every fifth element from array, but you can substitute any other natural number for n.

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There’s lots of handy little tricks for manipulating JavaScript arrays that I have saved, including this one. They certainly come in handy!

Thanks for reading.