Convert Array to Object in JavaScript

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The following function will take an array and spit out an object, with a property for each array item and its value:

const toObject = (arr) => {
    return Object.assign({}, arr);

Here’s how you can use it:

const arr = [`red`, `blue`, `yellow`];
const obj = toObject(arr);

Once the above code has executed, obj will equal {"0": "red", "1": "blue", "2": "yellow"}.

Notice how a property is created for each array item, with the key set to the item’s location in the array and the value set to the item itself.

Here is a one-liner toObject implementation with the same behavior:

const toObject = (arr) => Object.assign({}, arr);

By the way, you can also just use this shorthand method instead of Object.assign:

const arr = [`red`, `blue`, `yellow`];
const obj = {...arr};

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I hope this little snippet helped you out!

I’ve found converting arrays to objects especially useful when preparing API responses.