The Beginning

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I’m an avid programmer and reader. I spend a lot of time on the internet. And I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet for years.

The internet is just wonderful; it provides virtually infinite possibility, leverage, and creative space. Which is why I decided to create and maintain my own websites.

However, unlike some of my peers, I did not have a personal website (until now). I had no way of sharing what I was doing with the world other than by discussing my projects with people in my circle.

Link to this section Outsized Reach = More Opportunity

There is a very compelling case to be made for personal websites, especially in my field.

The upside is tremendous and compounds over time (due to the nature of domain authority and search engine optimization).

For example, sharing what you’re doing with ten friends is great and all…

But if you’re sharing what you’re doing with the world on a blog that generates even just one hundred views, you’ve still increased your reach by a whole order of magnitude.

Most importantly, the internet allows you to reach people within your field at a very high scale.

Sure, quality over quantity, but expanding your reach yields a larger pool of potential quality to draw from.

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I intend to maintain this blog and website, at least in some form, for the rest of my life.

Though my personal blog may remain a bit on the casual side, most subsequent posts will be in a different format, with a focus on brevity and practicality. The last thing I want to do is waste the time of my readers.

Thanks for your time. I hope this post inspired you to launch your own personal website if you haven’t already! It’s never too late to stop putting it off.