Not Blogging Daily

- 2 minutes read

On August 7 of this year, I started this blog. And I’ve been blogging daily since then.

But I’m going to blog much less frequently from here on out.

Here’s a few thoughts (mostly for personal reference) that might be valuable:

Given the asymmetric success of the short technical articles I’ve been writing, I’d rather just focus on quality over quantity: occassionaly making posts that are less generic and much more thoughtful.

I’ll also take some time to reorganize this site at some point and likely archive those tutorials.

And I can barely fit a ten-minute ritualistic post into my schedule at the moment anyway.

Link to this section Conclusion

There are definitely trade-offs to blogging daily. It could be a great way to grow your site, especially early on.

I’m sure it eventually gets exponential if you stick with it. I did not reach that point. Sorry, Google.

But my personal stance on the habit has changed significantly after trying it for a while.

Anyway, this is a very meta post - but I’ll be back with some more interesting content that is much more niche in the near future.