Shell Function To Read Environment Variables

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Here’s a simple shell function that reads specific environment variables from environment files:


var() {
    VAR=$(grep $1 $2 | xargs)
    IFS="=" read -ra VAR <<< "$VAR"
    echo ${VAR[1]}

It requires two parameters.

  1. The name of the variable to read.

  2. The path to the environment file you’d like to read the variable from.

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Suppose you have a .env file with the following content:


If you want to read the value of FOO, you can invoke the var() function like this:

FOO=$(var FOO .env)
echo "$FOO"

And that will return the following output:


Pretty handy, right?

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I’ve found myself using this same little snippet over and over again.

It’s especially useful for keeping private data, such as API keys, safe from explicit reference within your public scripts.